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  • Dealing with the Gods
  • Dealing with Game Masters
  • Abuse of Bugs
  • Language Issues
  • Player Killing
  • Parental Guidance
  • Social Behaviour
  • Game Reliability
  • Account Information
  • Pentegram Quest
  • Cheats, grouping and Exploits
  • Unique Weapons
  • Remember that the gods have hosted this game online just for fun. Don't bother them with questions or requests which aren't essential. If you have a question, try to ask it when the gods aren't busy. A good sign for this is that they're in the Temple of Aranock

    Whatever it is you want the god to answer or do, be absolutely honest and do not insist on getting your request fullfilled

    It is a punishable offense to impersonate any God

    Always listen to and respect the decisions of our staff members. If you have a disagreement with how a situation was handled we sugest that you follow the instructions of the staff member at first and then raise your concerns provately to the gods.

    We take seriously any accusations of power abuse and we investigate every claim. However false accusations are punishable as seen fit

    it is a punishable offence to impersonate a staff member.

    Should you discover a bug, you have to inform the admin as soon as possible. Do not exploit the bug. The server writes extensive information to the logfile. We will notice and remove any advantage you may have gained through the bug.

    We do not allow the use of macro's in this game because of the mechanics of pvp-it will be considered an exploit

    The language in game is English. Please speak English in the public chat you're playing. If you insist on using another language please keep it to /tell or /group.

    Player killing is optional. If you want it, you have to enable it for your account. Once enabled, you can fight other players within three ranks of you.The admin will not interfere in a player killing dispute. Going purple is an option. Dying and loosing your items is a part of the consequences of that choice which is offset by some benefits.

    Do not intentionally crash your game or 'lag out' to avoid death in quests, pvp and clan fights or intentionally cause lag for others with your actions. Lagging out of an area to get spelled up is punishable, as is lagging out of any of the labs

    Parental Guidance is desirable for children under 13. While we may choose to monitor and take action on inappropriate things in the game, it is possible that at any time there may be language or other behavior that may be inappropriate for children or offensive to users of any age

    We have established game behavior rules for players accessing the Game, as specified in the terms and conditions, we cannot ensure that other players will not provide content or access to Content that parents or guardians may find inappropriate or that a user may find objectionable.

    If you are under 13 years of age, you may not play this game or use the message forum without parental consent.

    Remember that this is a game all of us are playing to have fun. Try not to spoil it. Acceptable behavior is defined as being friendly and helpful. Constructive criticisms, comments, actions and gestures are allowed.

    Please be careful what you say when using the public chat feature, what you might think of as a joke or satirical humor, may not be taken so by others

    Be nice, friendly and likeable to your fellow players and the admin team. Do not play this game to annoy, to make trouble, or harass other players

    If your behavior is deemed as being unacceptable, you will be warned and then punished accordingly if you persist. The use of derogative, ethnic, religious or social comments to ANY player or member of staff will not be tolerated

    Intentionally spamming chat is considered harrassment as far as we are concerned.

    There is absolutely no guarantees that the game will be playable. It's quite likely that it will be, but we can't promise anything due to lack of legacy support on the behalf of operators.

    Accounts are automatically deleted if they are deemed inactive. It is your responsibility to store your account in safe place and keep it active. If someone steals it and does bad things to (or with) your account, you're still responsible. Lost passowrds and Moas may be retieved at the discression of admin.

    Multi-logging to power train an alternative character is forbidden (We do know when a proxy IP is being used). However, the only exception to this rule is to transfer items from one character to your alternative character. This must be done in town or clan halls.

    It is deeply frowmed upon to share .moa files/characters. If you do both will be liable for the behavior of that avatar online and no assistance will be offered in terms of account recovery should you be frozen out of the account by the other party. Do so at your own risk!

    This quest has a certain etiquette attached to it that you would be advised to follow. Your presence in the quest means that if you dont pull your weight, others will have to work twice as hard. With this in mind please try to avoid going away from keyboard when in the pentagram quest.

    Dont sit idle in this quest, by doing so you increase the pent count without adding in your share of the work and you will slow the progress of others. Dont purposefully obstruct the routes of other players i.e standing in door ways etc. Avoid the autowalk feature here and of course do not harrass others by following them or stealing their pentegrams

    Quest items: are not to be traded, sold, given or blatantly dropped on the floor so that another player can take them.

    Riddle answers: The riddle quests/labs are there to give players a small challenge unlike the other challenges in the game, therefore it is not allowable to reveal the answers to any and all of the riddle quests/labs

    Leading players: Taking players through quests otherwise impossible for them, outside of a 3 rank group range between all party members, is prohibited. This includes the pentagram quest, tower quest, the black stronghold, sewers, etc and ALL other areas of the game including new areas. The only exception to this is the labs (1-13). Leading npcs away from an area with the intent to avoid them or allow others to avoid them is deemed as an unacceptable

    In order to ensure the game is fair, and all players have a chance at getting a unique item. We have restricted the number of uniques a player can own. The current limit is 2 per person not per character

    Storing uniques in clan halls or on the ground elsewhere is strictly forbidden. All uniques found in these areas will be re-distributed into the game without any warning

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