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  • God
  • Imp
  • Architect
  • Guardian
  • "The Gods looked down upon the world and where happy with what they created"

    These beings are the proud owners of all you can see, and are the absolute authority in Aranock-online. They are an illusive breed.

    Current Gods include:



    The favorate color of a God is red

    "We dance in the shadow of God, wielding the power of the immortals but keeping the freedom of man"

    These Immortal beings are half God and half man. Often an authority onto themselves they answer only to those who are above all. The Imps are responsible for watching over the guardians of men, and have been known to test the might and resolve of mankind via many mischevious deeds if- only to make them stronger

    Current Imps include:


    The favorate colour of an Imp is orange

    "Life is geometry, creation is architecture, immortality is in stone"

    Hand selected by a God himself these highly skilled Architects have been given the power of creation. They use this power only when commissioned by an immortal

    The current Architects are:





    The favorate colour of an Architect is blue

    " Life is a blessing that we proudly protect. All must strive to me better men"

    These champions are responsible for maintaining law and order and often lead by example in terms of demonstrating exemplary behaviour.

    They are given authority by the divine to punish unruly travellers who do not conform to the law of the land

    The current Guardians are:

    Aranock is currently recruiting guardians!

    The favorate colour of a Guardian is green.

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