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Aranock-Online is based on the Mercenaries of Astonia engine by Daniel Brockhaus and built in 1995. As a result its hardware can on rare occasion have issue with modern machines. There for it is always reccomended that you do the following:

  • Run the game as adimistrator
  • Run the game in compatability mode for windows XP service pack 2
  • Run the game with a small screen resolution

All of the above settings can be achieved by accessing the compatability menu that can be opened by right clicking on the game client and selecting 'properties'. Please note there are special instructions for the latest windows operating systems due to the lack of support for directdraw. We have patched this but the patch is dependant upon your system

For windows 10 and above please download version one of the following files and run the game. If the game fails to initiate please delete that file and download version two. The GUP information next to each download is simply a recommendation based on other players experiences

Download for Windows 9 and below only:

Please note that there is no dedicated MAC or linux client, however the game can be played on these systems using simulation or virtual machine software or by using windows on a partition such as with bootcamp. A list of software used by our community for this purpose include:

  1. Bootcamp for Mac
  2. parallels for Mac
  3. d3dwindower for Mac and Linux

Latest News

  • Welcome to the new Aranock-Online website
  • We also have a new forum page ready for your registration
  • Forum and website now optimised for smaller devices
  • You can reach our new forum via the forum link
  • Or directly on
  • The older fourm will remain accessable for now
  • If you notice any technical problems inform Odysseus