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It is acknowledged that Aranock was based off the engine of the now defunct Mercenaries of Astonia built by Daniel Brockhaus. However, Aranock in its current iteration has expanded way beyond that. Here is just a small list of those who have helped develop the game and related media:

  • Ravhin
  • Lancelot
  • Danny
  • Jasmine

I'd also personally like to thank bubblecathy for the new website logo and Motoko and Martyr for coding, building and sprite contributions

Aranock is eternally grateful to these hero's for their tireless contribution.

Latest News

  • Welcome to the new Aranock-Online website
  • We also have a new forum page ready for your registration
  • Forum and website now optimised for smaller devices
  • You can reach our new forum via the forum link
  • Or directly on
  • The older fourm will remain accessable for now
  • If you notice any technical problems inform Odysseus