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 Change to /who menu 
Baron of Aranock
Baron of Aranock

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Would be nice if it showed rank and get rid of the unneccesary 3 wide gap between name and clan info, and the 2 wide gap between clan and area
Also make it push area name till the end of where text can go instead of cutting it off a few short if possible, theres 3 extra letters that could fit at the end
Something like-

Races would be Hara Temp Merc AHara ATemp Warr Sorc Seyan Necro Ninja, or you could shorten it to 4 letters for everyone for an extra letter in area, but I don't think it would really cut off any meaningful parts of area names
Also it would be nice if the admin who menu was updated to show race, clan number instead of the old +++ maybe with 1-3 letter race names since 5 would take up way too much space on the already limited area and remove the : since it doesn't really give any meaningful info since theres already a space after it
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