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Field Marshal

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18 August 2019
1. Dual Wield critical hit modified so that when /surr is off, the poison crit will hit anyone attacking you (not just the person in front)
2. Removed spam messages from Poison and B2
3. You must transfer your companion before going necro, seyan, ninja or WLRB

15 August 2019
1. /sort changed to include sorting of soulstones
2. /explor command added to show all exploration poles not activated. /explor <page>
3. Lord Necro skeleton Companion reduced slightly
4. Dead Warrior Amulet increased meditate and duration (doubled from original time). It is still suggested that you may want to use gold to regen mana faster.

12 August 2019
1. Trial improving stats on Dead Warrior Amulet for Sword and Immunity.

02 August 2019
1. Fists of Heaven stats and requirements changed, now more of a defensive item for templars and warriors. stats in reply post to changelog.
2. h2h is now cheaper to raise on mercs(warr/sorc) and templars, this is so FoH is less expensive to use.

27 July 2019
1. Giant barbarian now spawns in the barbarian mountains.
2. Giant barbarian now has a chance of rewarding fragments of kwai(instead of madness ring, but at a much higher chance) which can be combined into the kwai ring.

1 July 2019
1. GC will now follow you into the Lost Cave through the Well Portal.

13 June 2019
1. Spelloverride added to Light spell

9 May 2019
1. New command /mlotto has been added.
Players can just type /ml.
This shows you when the next monster lotto will open/close.
Imps and above need to type /mlo as there is already a /ml command to open/close/adjust the lotto timing.
2. Tavern exit in Castle Quest 4 has been fixed.
3. Fixed bug when using heal/mana potion on a soulstone.

1 May 2019
1. Assassinate added to RoP

21 April 2019
1. Assassinate no longer checks if you have selected or deselected another character
2. Lab 9 riddletellers now transfer GC with you if you have /gctome turned on.

13 April 2019
1. Another gold bug that caused server to crash has been fixed.
2. Thanks again to Sneaky for accurate report of what caused it.
3. GC can follow you in and out of Monster Lotto portals.
4. GC will now follow you on a Waypoint scroll teleport.

11 April 2019
1. Gold bug that caused server to crash has been fixed.
2. Thanks to Sneaky for accurate report of what caused it.

4 April 2019
1. New command /gctome added to set gctome flag
If flag is activated, this allows your GC to follow you through portals and teleports
Disconnects do not cause your GC to recall but activating your recall scroll will
If you find any teleportals or scroll that do not work - let me know
2. /helpp updated for new command

11 February 2019
1. Check to delete corrupted items added.

16 December 2018
1. Pents changed to have lower counts when there are 2-4 people in pents
2. Aladdin command to fix bug on walk through walls and advice to imps using the command

9 December 2018
1. RD2 gem bug fixed where the skill/attribute was potential misaligned by 1.
2. Old gems will still have this bug and old rings using old gems will also be incorrect.
3. Players have the option of trading in old rings/gems (created b4 today) to any god.
4. Gems will be replaced by gems of the same level and the same skill/attribute minus 1.
5. Rings will be replaced by a blank gold ring and the same number of gems as were on the old ring. All the gems will be at the max level of the old ring. The players will have the option to replace the gems with the same attribute/skill of the same minus 1.
6. I have tried to find all the old rings in RD2 but it is possible a few may have escaped and been looted.

5 December 2018
1. Critical hit curse changed to curse all attacking surrounding enemies (provided Ninja has the SH skill)
2. Critical hit curse formula & base power changed

3 December 2018
1. Lena added to Castle Forecourt to sell lock picks.
2. She also gives a reminder to wash your hands after crossing the Lava River.
3. Ninja strength raised to 75 (further changes being tested on test server)
4. Last 3 Ninja belts requirements changed

28 November 2018
1. Compulse spell changed to allow identification of individual compulsed NPCs
2. Geronimo command changed to show remaining life.

22 November 2018
1. Assassinate no longer loses focus

17 November 2018
1. Bug fix for /switch and Ninja belts.

6 November 2018
1. Ninja belts modified to block using weapons, shields or torches in either hand.

4 November 2018
1. Assassinate quest for Ninjas added to /data command
2. /listskill command extended to include assassinate
3. Ninja sprite fixed when special events (e.g. Halloween) changes
4. RD2 "unknown" gem fixed (I hope as it is a bit hard to test)

29 Oct 2018
1. Minor bug fix for Ninja - Immunity quest fixed.

28 Oct 2018
1. Ninja released!
2. New client released with sprites and other minor changes.

8 Sept 2018
1. Modify Karate skill
2. Add Assassinate spell
- Trigger a guaranteed Vicious Critical Hit on 1st strike
3. Remove Fireball spell (Note the client will still say Fireball instead of Assassinate)
4. Modify Karate Critical Hit
- Probability of a crit hit improved by modified Assassinate skill
- Karate can cast a weak curse when it triggers a Vicious Critical Hit. This curse is modified by Karate and Assassinate skills)
- Weak curse is not affected by Resist, Immunity or Harden
These changes are now being tested live with select players

1 July 2018
1. Fixed bug with Profession skill that was blocking the use of the scrolls.

20 June 2018
1. Old spells added to client download as an option. Zipped up in the gfx folder. You will need to re-download the client to get them.

17 June 2018
1. New client updated. I must have copied a semi final version. If you downloaded since 14 June you will need to do it again.

16 June 2018
1. Byron will now sell staves in the market.
2. WV of some staves changed to be closer to axes, highest tier staff still the same

14 June 2018
1. A new client and sprite pack has been uploaded to the website. This client expands the maximum number of available sprites and adds thousands of sprites that will now be available for builders to use.

13 June 2018
1. Cave amulet special regen increased(still lower than ankh amulet but higher than prison)

10 June 2018
1. /save command modified to allow LW and other special admin to be able to save and retrieve a lost moa file in case LL is absent
2. A large number of code changes to remove errors and warnings when compiling the code on Linux Centos. Maybe one day we may upgrade operating systems to the 21st century.

31 May 2018
1. New help system changed from /help2 to /help. Old help system can be access via /help2. Old help is no longer being maintained.

30 May 2018
1. /rings command amended to show AV/WV if applicable (e.g. /rings 3)
2. /restart command added to give warning on server restart

28 May 2018
1. Npcs can now have their stat difficulties adjusted to make them appear higher ranked, this is mostly intended for pents and sewers where kill exp is relevent. We will slowly be updating their ranks to be as close to what they were before.
2. New builder command /findchar to allow a character to find all the characters built from a specific template.

27 May 2018
1. All rooms in AT should now have proper ranks, should no longer block doors, and their spawners should not be targetable anymore.
2. Giant barb respawn timer significantly increased, chance of getting kwai's ring from him significantly increased.

19 May 2018
1. Abandoned town has been converted to use mob spawners, this is currently only for the first 2 ranks incase there is some bug we missed it can be easily undone, in a few days I will convert the rest of the rooms if no bugs are found.
This will allow us to stop them from random pathing directly in front of doors(but they can still walk there) and I will be able to fix their ranks to what they should be now.
Minor bug that should be fixed soon is being able to shift click them, they will have something to make them unclickable soon.
Please report any bugs you find with the AT rooms.

12 May 2018
1. RD2 gem drop probability increased and max ring increased to level 11. More tweaks may follow as it continues to be monitored.
2. NPC mob spawner implemented. This will be live trialled.
3. Soul vacuum implemented. This will be live tested over a period to ensure nothing significant is los when we remove your soul and store it in a jar or try to merge your old soul and your new soul back again.
4. Builder mode should no longer risk destroying a builders inventory when more than one builder is active.

20 April 2018
1. Cave quest children now set to good alignment (9999), meaning you should not now be accidentally able to hit them.. They will be like merchants (10000) except if you do deliberately hit/kill them, Peacekeepers will not appear and you will not lose luck and alignment.
2. Changes added to make ready for the new sprite pack to be released soon,

2 April 2018
1. Probability of dropping RD2 gems increased.
2. Probability of getting a higher ranked gem increased.
3/ /gargoyle and /garbage commands reversed (affects imps only)

24 March 2018
1. Lesser and Greater spell pots require less alchemy to make.
2. Greater spell potions now last longer.

17March 2018
1) RD2 gems max limit increased from 9 to 10. The limit and frequency will continue to be reviewed over time.
2) God command (/depotcostfactor) added to allow the cost of the bank depot fees to be able to be changed dynamically
3) God command (/depotcount) added to show the number of players who store items in the inventory, bank depot and personal depot.

5 March 2018
1. Bug with mana cost of B2 from last update has been fixed - hopefully.

28 February 2018
1. Small changes to B2, C2 and WC.
2. Max cap on the RD2 rings removed and the chance of dropping the rings has been reduced. This means that if we increase the max levels on the gems, they will be able to be added to existing rings rather than having to start again.

10 February 2018
1. 2nd door in lab 12 has been removed, it now requires 2 less gems to finish the lab.
2. 1 librarian from each area in lab 9 will now attack on sight.
3. Champion ice gargoyle made slightly weaker.

4 February 2018
1. RD2 opened for test trial of a few days.
2. Updates to drop rates and levels of gemstones and rings
3. /rd1 and /rd2 staffer commands added
4. Date created added to all characters
5. Few more bits added to the logs

February 3 2018
1. You can now use shrines at the end of the last castle quests to access previous castle quests again in exchange for some gold, you cannot get the solve bonus of a castle quest twice, this is for dragon armor/missed poles.

29 January 2018
1. Bug with autodelete of inactive uniques fixed. There may still be corrupted items from this remaining. Please /garbage them if found.
2. Verbose messages from the Blind spell removed from the logs.

16 Jan 2018
1. Al of the Lab 9 switch riddles and riddle tellers have now been converted to the new system. If you notice any issues let me know.

1 Jan 2018
1. Quiz switches and Quiz Riddles implemented and progressively going live. This will allow builders the ability to change and add questions or new switches/riddlers dynamically.
2. Lab 9 1st bank of switches now using the new system. Hopefully you will not notice the difference yet. The rest of Lab 9 switches and riddlers will follow soon.
3. Cave children changes implemented. If you create a new duplicate child it will remove the original child of the same name.
4. C2, B2 and SH2 should no longer affect your children (unless you are an imp).
5. Ring of madness drop chance increased.

10 December 2017
1. Quiz switches added to game to allow builders to dynamically add/change switches and switch riddles (like lab 9 switches)
2. /sprite command modified to allow new sprites to be able to be used (note this will not work with the existing client)
3. Supporting beam auto delete removed.
4. /serverlag command opened for all players for the server to tell them when it is lagging (as opposed to the internet lagging).
5. Bug fixed to log name if a character fails to be created
6. Bug fixed on fake door locking. Fake door lock testing extended to quiz doors.
7. Small changes to CGI with respect to sorting, time stamps and online help.

November 11 2017
1.Giant barbarians chance of dropping madness ring increased.

October 4 2017
1. Tower 18 (Candle puzzle) is no longer possible to skip with invis walls.

September 14 2017
1. Superior spell potion now lasts a few more minutes and has more recent spells.
2. Lesser and Greater spell potions are now create-able with alchemy. These are not the same as superior spell potions, they give slightly different effects. -See website for recipe or go buy a guide from the alchemy npcs.

September 12 2017
1. Giant barbarian always drops 2 scrolls again.
2. Crit removed from giant barbarian.

28 August 2017
1. /spelloverride command added to allow a player to over ride a more powerful bless/protect/enhance spell. [new feature]
2. Changes to the order that spell modifiers and character max spells are checked. [bug fix]
3. NPC spell bonus truncation fixed [bug fix]
4. /help2 command updates implemented. Once trial period is complete this will replace the /help command. [new feature]

August 20th 2017
1. Some cosmetic changes around town - Motoko

August 17th 2017

1. The server sync has been adjusted to be a 15 second warning message before the lag begins
2. Casino rewards improved slightly

August 16th 2017

1. Blind mana cost has been increased from 30 to 50. For a character with ~140 mod concentrate blind was previously about 15 mana, now it will be 25 or so.
2. Squashed some bugs, some of which were serious and could crash the server.
3. Repair no longer removes /sw from an item.
4. Some other enhancements were made that dont effect gameplay.

August 15 2017

1. Necromancers have lost the harden ability and have been compensated the experience spent in it.
2. Necromancer magic shield/protection have been increased back to 75. (85 for rebirth, 90 for RB2)
3. Winged boots stealth bonus has been reduced from 30 to 15.
4. Warrior stealth has been increased to 75 base (85 for rebirth, 90 for RB2).
5. Sense magic for Necro/Warrior/Sorc/arch templars increasd to 90, 100 for Rebirth, 105 for Rb2. EXP cost to raise the skill for arch templars is now the same as other races, it was significantly more previous. - this is to help sense item drops.

Please provide feedback on these changes to Motoko as he is responsible, please do not rage at Lordlava Razz

August 13 2017

1. Casino prices have been reduced by another 10% or so.
2. Champion Ice Garg has been made significantly stronger.
3. Dreadling Dukes have been made slightly stronger.
4. Dreadling Prince has been made slightly stronger.
5. Purple Priest now has mana to cast spells, thus is slightly stronger. He now also faces the entrance of the temple as he should've for the last 20 years.

August 10 2017.

1. Q1 Graveyard has been made easier to navigate.
2. Bronze blank guide now requires a tin bar instead of an ore (this was a bug)
3. Added an EXP pole to Aranock Sea, no idea how this was missing, I must've forgot.

August 4 2017 - Keep in mind everything is subject to change if we feel it is necessary.


1. All Casino scrolls have had their prices reduced by about 10%
2. Added a mini tavern to the Casino
3. A Sage for the Purple One has been added to his temple. Purple players only, everything else is the same. This may change in the future.
4. /Shownodeath no longer hides your clan.

1. Dual wield poison crit has been improved for Warriors only. We have other plans for Arch templars.
2. Arch temp perception has been increased to 70. So a WL rebirth would be 80, 85 for 2nd rebirth, etc.
3. Warrior perception has been increased to 70. So a WL rebirth would be 80, 85 for 2nd rebirth, etc.
4. Specific monsters (Bosses and some others) now cannot be dispelled. Beware.
5. Heal spell exhaust has been increased by 0.5 seconds. Beware

August 1 2017

1.Western portal in clan hall changed to go to the Clan Master.

July 29 2017

1. Improved experience rewards of some of the town quests and in Lancelot Village (Lowbie quests unchanged) - Go kill some spiders and bring their heads to Garna!
2. Some lower rank treasure chests have had their drops slightly improved.

July 24 2017

1. Added weighted chests, easier for us to change the droprate of items now.
2. Undead Companion now has Surround Hit II default ON. (This also applies to Ghost and Skele but they do not have the skill)
3. Giant barbarian now has a very rare item drop...

July 20 2017

1. Giant barbarian added running around SF. He may not kill you on sight yet as he is busy looking for something, if I were you I wouldn't get in his way...
He has some loot for now, long respawn, and EXTREMELY STRONG. Another item will be added to him shortly.
EDIT: Made him less stealthy, he was too hard to even find.

18 July 2017

1. Clan rent increased a bit to based on supply/demand and to encourage clans to be more active farmers.

July 17 2017

1. Shadow helmet Respawn time greatly reduced, chance of finding slightly decreased.
2. Fire and Ice Sets adjusted again, attempting to make them offensive/defensive armor sets rather than just +BWIAS sets.
3. Abandoned town areas now have their rank in /who

July 14 2017

1. Fixxed bugs related to controllable clan doors.
2. change to /seen, shows hours if under 3 days.
3. Adjustments to fire and ice set in an attempt to make them slightly more useful and unique.

July 13 2017

1. Unique auto delete for inactivity changed from 90 days to 30 days.
2. Fire armor, Math caps, Ice armor all changed to 6 months aging even when offline or on carpet.
3. Shadow helmet chance to spawn significantly increased. It was way too rare.

June 23 2017

1. Warlord Rebirth 2 is live, see announcements 2nd Warlord Rebirth for info.
2. This is an older change but Warlord Rebirths have 80 weeks Auto-delete time regardless of rank.
3. Npcs can go over 300 mod if designed to now, beware!

June 13 2017

1. Greater Replenishing Potions reverted back to restoring 500 endurance.

June 7 2017

1. Clan rank 2 is no longer builder and can no longer buy clan building scrolls.
2. Custom clan doors added, they cost 12.5k plat and can be set to allow any rank, and up to 8 specific people access to a clan door. Leaders can type /clandoor for a list of commands.
3. /use no longer works when stunned.
4. Group portals now inform you if there is grouping restrictions in the area you have entered.
5. Poles now inform you if you will receive reduced exp when looking at them.
6. Castle quest now properly resets on race change or rebirth. If anyone has rebirthed/changed race before this and not had their Quest reset, we will offer a reset of their castle quest data.
7. Staff now has access to a command to tell when the server is lagging or if it is just players lagging.
8. Minor bug fixs.

June 6 2017

1. Prison tokens have been added to prison. These tokens can be used in stacks of 4 to purchase prison armor, and stacks of 6 for a prison amulet. You can obtain these tokens from prison chests or from turning in prison armor.
The npcs to use the tokens with are in a house in prospect peak. BEWARE, they cannot be unstacked currently, max stack of 6.

May 20 2017

1. Ice champion has been made slightly stronger.
2. Ratling king has been made slightly stronger and his respawn time has been halved.
3. Currently working on RD2 balance but major balance changes to the races may need to be addressed prior to any public release.

May 19 2017

1. The leading rule has been changed, group portals have been placed infront of quests, special items, and high exp(from poles or firstkills, alternatively some poles have min ranks now) areas.
Leading in pentagram quest or the starting town quests is still illegal.
We will monitor how this goes and adjust where the portals are if needed or revert the rule change if it abused too heavily in ways we did not intend.

May 2 2017

1. Dragon armors moved to 1 minute respawn chests.(So big groups don't have to wait long periods of time for their armor)

April 22 2017

1. Cave quest children have been given resistance to blind lowering heal, a cave amulet, and no longer drop any items on death. It should now be possible if you aggro them(via using aoe skills) but still difficult, hopefully can fix it to be fair without stun soon.

April 9 2017

1. Windows, Custom signs, and chest plans have been added to clan merchant. The chests last 1 month and have a 6 hour respawn.
2. You can no longer replace an object in your clan hall with another object, you must now break it down with a hammer first. The reasoning for this is because it caused a bug where flags were not being removed.

February 13 2017

1. Argha's head and the other items with the same sprite are now single age to prevent a glitch with their sprite.

February 8 2017

1. Suspicious note quest now has a min rank.

January 26 2017

1. Titanium dragon armor AV changed from 9 to 10.
2. Warlord Rebirth area moved to the end of castle quest, it now has a room made for it, and signs saying what each rebirth will do.

23 January 2017

1. Bug where Warlord Rebirth did not reset the Castle quest has been fixed.

17 January 2017

1. /silence command added to quieten those pesky NPCs
2. /summon added for imps, provided they do not abuse the power.

January 16 2017

1. Ice Two-Handed Axe no longer has lab-destroy flag if you wish to use it as a weapon for whatever reason.
2. Nomagic tiles added around end of prison portal to prevent people from being able to bypass the nomagic on the other side.

January 15 2017

1. Castle Quests now set your recall after touching the second portal at the start of the quest.
2. Prison chests have higher chances of good drops.

13 January 2017

1. Changes to casting GCs and how GCs attack to stop them attacking their NPC masters and other group members.

12 January 2017

1. Castle Quest counter changed due to field clash with townriddler. All completed castle quests reset back to zero. Hopefully the castle quest counter will not reset randomly now.

January 12 2017

1. All tower reward chests now portal you to temple and only have a 10 second cooldown. There is still 2 chests for the Ring of Prophets, first one portals you to second.

January 9 2017

1. Castle Quest 4 released.

January 8 2017

1. Locations and which pieces of dragon armor you can find changed.
2. Fixed a bug with Sir lucan's helm being a chest armor.

January 7 2017

1. Changes to Sea Grolms probability for dropping items so that this can be applied now to other NPCs with varying probability.
2. Changes to Q4 Court Guards respawning after timer expired.

January 6 2017

1. Castle quest 1 is less rng, more changes to come to castle quests soon.

January 5 2017

1. Ring of the Prophets now has blind, undead companion, and skeleton companion. This comes with a 1 time repair(as a result of changing the item)
2. Chests have timers again.(unique chests do not have timers)

January 4 2017

1. ID spell will now show the owner of an item, if it is owned.
2. Teleport chests will now add the name of the owner to special items, like an ankh ammy or FoH.
3. Nightvision and underwater speaking potions require less alchemy now.
4. Underwater speaking potion slightly cheaper to make. EDIT:changed again to be a completely different recipe.
5. Website lists no longer show gods, imps, builders in high performance lists.
6. Purple characters can now see their own location in /who.

January 1 2017

1. Profession scrolls no longer get destroyed on use, they now cost gold per use.
2. Website table showing the wealthiest members of our society in terms of accumulated gold.

December 31 2016

1. Fixed Blind not landing on clan members in areas where they should be able to fight.
2. Fixed other minor bugs.

December 29 2016

1. You can now be saved from Poison and Drowning.
2. You can no longer use the /purple command outside of purple temple to fix a bug.

December 26 2016

1. Christmas balls are now magic items and show up to perception.
2. Warcurse replaced with Warcry debuff which lowers armor.
3. Warcry now costs 100 end (Some more changes to armor reduction and cost may happen, this is being tested for now.)
4. Greater replenishing potions now give 200 endurance. (was 500,this is to counteract the lowered cost of warcry)
5. Warcry now has a short exhaust.
6. Blast improved.

October 16 2016

1. Several high rank bosses have been modified slightly and some can critical hit now.

October 15 2016

1. Shiva has a new friend who patrols. Beware. His other guards have also had their stats modified.

October 11 2016

1. Abandoned scrolls now expire after 15 minutes. This is to prevent exploits with warlord rebirth.

October 9 2016

1. Slight improvements to monsters in RD.

October 7 2016

1. Tit TH sword, mana amulet, and belt of hp are no longer deemed magical items when searching graves.
2. Warlord poles now have a min rank requirement.
3. Ice egg has a min rank requirement to turn it in.
4. Prospect peak portal added in Blue ogre Inn.
5. Seyan shrine added in Necro quest after first enemy.(This shrine will not give extra wv, it is just to get the Seyan sword.)
6. 1 handed axes do more damage now, but cannot vic while dual wielding.(1 handed axes exist for better scaling than swords, str str agi, and the easier ability to swap to it from 2h axes.)
7. Random teleports in Q1 and Q2 less random.
8. Some enemies in Q1/Q2 weakened slightly.

October 6 2016

1. All gems/rings that can be mined have had their value increased to improve mining in general.
2. White guardian no longer has rings and has been made tougher to compensate.

October 5 2016

1. Lost cave has been improved.

October 4 2016

1. Lost cave quest now has a better probability of giving you a good item at the end.
2. Lost cave gold entry amount reduced.
3. George, Julie and James(Lost cave npcs) buffed.

October 3 2016

1. Sign added near tavern in temple.
2. 2 floors removed from the Haunted Tower. This was long overdue, sorry about that.

October 2 2016

1. Casino scrolls now teleport you instantly.

September 30 2016

1. Chests in higher ranks of AT can't drop Gmanas anymore.
2. FDM EXP scrolls in AT have been slightly improved.

September 26 2016

1. Barbarian King sword is now sold by Karl(Not useable as key in lab 11) The one in lab 11 is still currently usable as well.
2. Ice and Fire armor buffed again. Ice armor given defensive buffs, Fire armor given wv.
3. Math hats buffed to be useful for something other than spelling up.
4. Shiva's guards have grown in numbers.
5. Everwood teleport rng is slightly less rng.
6. Shield quest has been made easier.
7. Abandoned town terrain improved and less cluttered.

September 25 2016

1. Flower farm staff/wand portals have been labeled with where they lead to.
2. Nomonster added over the traps in Seasoned woods, monsters shouldn't be at the start of the quest as a result of them anymore.

September 23 2016

1. Skeletons removed from the hallway entrance to abandoned town.

September 22 2016

1. 1 handed axes added, these may be removed or changed if it is determined they are too good or never used.Most of them are sold by Liam
2. Sunken Ship's boss now uses 1h plat axe, it is only obtainable there right now.
3. Ice and Fire armor stats buffed to be about as good as normal gear.
4. Infravision potion added, craftable with alchemy.

September 21 2016

1. Added a small quest to the graveyard area of town.

September 20 2016

1. Small new side area added, Sunken ship. It is located in the Underwater smuggler house. Intended for ranks around Br-gen.
2. Nofight area added at the 3 tiles at the entrance of AT to fix a bug.
3. Second chest added for Ring of the Prophets, Reset time doubled.

September 17 2016

1. Giving Garna spider heads now gives you a scroll that gives a small amount of luck.
2. Underwater speaking potions are now craftable with alchemy. Infravision potions will be added shortly.
3. /Listskill command added, will show what mods what skill.
4. Azrael's bones will be readded at a random time sometime soon. Same location as it was before it was removed. It sometimes contains the Helmet of Shadows!

September 12 2016

1. Fixed bug with the Weaponsmith in prison not respawning properly.

September 5 2016

1. NoMagic areas in casino removed.

September 3 2016

1. Redback now has 15 base resistance, previously 0.
2. Dragon's breath has been modified to increase barter.
3. Consolation chests added to Cohors balteus end.

August 27 2016

1. Hall of heroes is open, new Warlorded rebirth characters will be added in the order they reach warlord, all statues up to #34 are kept in back.
Located in memorial park.

August 24 2016

1. Added a sign at Warlord Rebirth house to make it easier to find.

2. Hall of heroes was changed to be for Warlorded rebirth characters, all old statues will be moved to the back. Should be open soon.

August 18 2016

1. Solving pents will now give you 10 Hp/End/Mana. This change will be monitored and may be increased or decreased if it seems to be too low or high.
It is currently set low but is likely to raise, feedback would be helpful in determining how much it should give.

2. Clan rent scrolls are now destroyed by the labyrinth portal, we might make them destroyed by more portals.

August 15 2016

1. Abandoned town Gen and FDM scroll carriers respawn time reduced, this was changed a few days ago but needed to confirm which were changed.

August 13 2016

1. Clan & Purple kill shouts added.

2. Clan scroll & Waypoint added in underwater pentagram quest.

3. Clan scroll for Tavern of the Blue Ogre removed to make space for underwater pent scroll.

August 6 2016

1. Warlord rebirth is live, see post in announcements for details.

2. Profession scrolls now have a min rank of 2nd lt, and some exp scrolls have a min rank.

3. Champion Necromancer Sword added.

July 29 2016

1. Necromancer changes are live. These may be changed if they appear to be too weak or strong.
Resistance and immunity from 120 to 105.
Protection and Magic shield from 75 to 60.
Skua call removed from ghost companions.
Skeleton GC H2H from 75 to 85.
Skeleton GC Stun from 80 to 105, and difficulty from 4 to 3.
Undead GC Meditate from 75 to 90.
Skeleton and GC Meditate Difficulty from 3 to 2.
Blind now affects heal.
Some enemies are immune to blind's heal lowering, only abandoned town skeletons for now.
Blind has had a formula change to be weaker if the enemy is lower mod than you.(to stop people from bringing enemies to 1 heal easily.)

June 12 2016

1. Switch was changed to a chat command /switch. Switch now supports 16 switch groups and having items in multiple groups.

2. /Shownodeath command added, if toggled will hide your deaths when looked at.

3. Champion barbarian sword added.

4. Some bug fixes with clans and founders.


1. Archtemplars have been made stronger. Their spell bonus is now 1.025% instead of 0.95%, their enhance weapon now maxes at 35 instead of 30. This is to help in solo play, slightly. This is under evaluation and can be adjusted as needed.

2. Warrior braveness now maxes at 90. This is under evaluation and can be adjusted as needed.

We are trying to balance the classes prior to warlord rebirth release.

3. There is no race limitation on cohors balteus anymore, 3 sorcerors can go in the same group assuming they can group each other.

4. Ice cloak now has a minimum rank of colonel.


1. The casino now has more capability. Please gamble responsibly!


1. The Casino is being worked on again and has a new guest... need some code changes before I can really get it going.


1. Warcry has been made stronger (Beware enemies that use it, but this is mostly geared to help arch templars)

Feb 15 2016
1. Minor decorations around town inside houses.


1. This was done a few weeks back but forgot to post, but death traps now consider luck and you can be saved now when stepping on a death trap (such as magic maze, spikes, etc)

Feb 13 2016
1. Gpot chest timers changed (various changes to lower times)
2. Visual timers added to each chest

Feb 2 2016
1. Rpot and Gpot chest times amended (mainly to between 2 hours and 6 hours)

Jan 31 2016
1. One handed axes (emerald to platinum) added - stats still to be set and NPCs that use them need to be added
2. Champion one handed axe sprite updated to correct champion sprite.

Jan 28 2016
1. Major changes implemented in preparation for RD2.
2. New NPC skills and critical hit options added.
3. Champ Q 4 fix implemented.
4. Plus a stack of other minor changes.


1. Since it's winter and cold outside the brewmasters have made mana lite, dragons breath, and astonian ale last longer. Drink up!


1. A waypoint has been added to the Abandoned Town courtyard.
2. The repeatable quests in gorn/kwai hall now offer slightly better EXP rewards.
3. The Purple One's power and influence on the town has grown.


1. Abandoned town two highest rank areas now will give slightly more exp on average.


1. The Purple One's temple has been improved - more to come.


1. GC has been made stronger
2. Abandoned town (two highest ranks) scrolls are now slightly better.

Jan 2, 2006

1. Companion spell amended to make the mana related to the mod power of the spell. The biggest winners will be low ranks when the cast GC (16 mana required at private). The biggest losers will be high ranked GCs without concentrate (about Col Hara).
2. The GC stats have been changed. This will mainly be a benefit at higher ranks where the NPCs can cast curse and stun.
3. The companions (GC, undead and skele) will now advise you if the have been abandoned and died and let you know what you have lost. Normal deaths in combat do not get reported.
4. Dispel on other characters changed.


1. Compulse limited to a max of 3 NPCs. - This will be reviewed over time.
2. Ghost Companion has been made stronger. They should also follow their master better now (Hopefully).


1. Skua scrolls now are 350 power.
2. The spell exhaustion for Blast 1, Dispel Magic, Curse, Curse 2, and Stun were adjusted slightly. More spells and other abilities will be adjusted accordingly. The objective here is for better game balance between all the races.
3. Random teleports in flower farm were changed to be less annoying.
4. Purple One's donations at his temple have increased and the temple is currently undergoing renovations.


1. Shiva's powers have grown.


1. Random spawner tiles have been removed from abandoned town entrance because they were annoying.
2. Some other minor bugs have been squashed/things fixed.


1. Shiva's power has grown.
2. Tower ending is now more difficult (Final fight)
3. Janitors have been made weaker.


1. Several no attack zones in town have been removed, this is to hopefully increase more clan PVP.


1. Emerald Cave has been improved. It is also now slightly harder to complete.
2. Some chests have been improved in multiple areas.


1. Hard lockpick doors (Clan hall buildable) are no longer lock-pickable, so leaders can have rooms that only leaders can open.
2. The Dreadling prince/king have been made slightly stronger.
3. The zombeee house in lancelot village now has a better repeatable quest.
4. The ghoul house in lancelot village now has a better repeatable quest.


1. The first Astonian Bank (On temple street by Kwai hall) has been replaced with the Casino. This area is unfinished and there isn't much to do there yet but I just wanted to let people know this bank is no longer valid


1. A new repeatable quest has been added via the Graveyard Guard Outpost (Near the graveyard).
2. Pretty sure all town quests have been enhanced in terms of content, some can't be enhanced (haunted tower ones)


1. A new repeatable quest is now available via memorial park. Requires probably lt col + on drugs.

As always, feedback welcome..


1. Clara and Damor have been made stronger slightly.
2. "Of the gods" armor now exists via normal armor chests (+2 BWIAS, godly of gods +4 BWIAS)
3. The annoying lever in prison no longer teleports you back to the previous room and has a greater success chance than before (Long overdue, sorry)
4. The house of flame in lancelot village has been improved and hopefully now has a purpose.
5. A repeatable new quest (brig or so) is now available via the in Lancelot village - the quest giver is easy to find.
6. More town quests have been improved in terms of dialogue/content/rewards.
7. Spider heads are now worth more gold to Garna.
8. Due to increased crime, the cityguard have begun an operation to secure the memorial park. Still not finished, stay tuned.

As always feedback is welcome, please PM me any feedback.


1. Several items have had their gold value adjusted (both selling and buying prices, some have increased while others have decreased).
2. Stat scrolls (BWIAS hp/mana/end are now worth a decent amount of gold at Damor's magic shop)
3. Currently revamping town quests (For content, storyline mostly).
4. A repeatable new lowbie quest (Master sarge or so) is now available via the cityguard barracks (Near kwai hall)
5. A repeatable new lowbie quest (First lt or so) is now available via the cityguard outpost (in strange forest)
6. A repeatable new quest (Major or so) is now available via the White Chapel (In lancelot village)
7. The house of stone in lancelot village has been improved and hopefully now has a purpose.


1. Garna now gives 100 experience per spider head you give her.
2. Some bugs have been squashed.
3. A sign has been placed in the new player training area indicating where the temple portal is.
4. Mana Lite/Astonian Ale/Dragon's breath have all been modified and should all be fairly useful now. They do not stack with each other but will stack with other drugs. Prices have been increased, and they all last 15 minutes.
5. Haunted tower has been made easier for new players (Saying the name of the gods to the fake statue doesn't warp you back to the start anymore - For the rest of you, it will take the same amount of time to complete the area Twisted Evil )
6. Tower poles have been improved (2 of them total)


1. Flooring in Abandoned Town around doors modified so you can now step fully into each room before the skeletons can attack you. Implemented in all areas (Major - FDM).


1. Gorn/Kwai halls have been improved, full thread here


1. Magen/Lt. gen/Gen/FDM Abandoned town have been added and are undergoing public testing.
2. Garg/Ice nest have been improved. (Thread here


1. Abandoned town EXP scrolls are now more random in terms of EXP rewarded but overall should give more EXP


1. Abandoned town has been once again improved - we are still evaluating.
2. Cohors Balteus has been released for public testing - The portal will be in the area behind the clan master (Near PP portal) - YOU WILL NEED three people at least to do this area. Recommended rank is major general +.

Fair warning: This area is different than any other in the game, you will soon see what I am referring to. It is not overly difficult monster-wise, but you should be cautious and be prepared for anything.


1. Golem potion has been made stronger.
2. Major bugs have been squashed which may have resulted in server crashes/exploits.
3. Abandoned town EXP rate has been improved.
4. New area is nearly ready for release - more to come, hopefully by May 1st or much earlier it should be released to the public.
5. Higher-end shields have been buffed slightly.


1. Drop rates of ores in prospect peak have been increased slightly.
2. Huge emeralds/rubies now add +16 strength/willpower respectively, up from +12.
3. Waypoints have been added in various garg ranks for quicker travel.
4. Abandoned town is currently being tweaked for balance/rewards.
5. Professions are currently being looked at for balance/rewards.

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Small update from a few days ago.
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