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 Levelup Luck/Death/Donating etc. 

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Hey Lava,

Spoken with Lazy regarding luck in the past (specifically donating luck).
In Aranock it was changed so 20k is the max you can have from DONATING, you can still get scrolls/use WPs etc to go over 20k, which is great.
Issue is the donating part is huge!

At Private its 400-800g for 20k Luck (RNG)
At PFC its between 2k-4kg for 20k Luck (RNG)

By the time your an Officer you are looking at like 200k for a saves worth of luck.
If you Noble, go RD farm luck scrolls else your gona pay millions Razz

Can the donating be changed to a different formula?
I believe Lazy has one submitted on the staff forums and from memory it would cost a Noble like 50-70k gold for a save (which isnt out of the question).
But more for Lower Officers (2ndLt-Major etcc) something like 10k should be more feasible.

Rat mentioned maybe add something like +1000 or +5000 Luck every Level (also capping at the 20k luck).
I think 500-1000 Luck per level is great idea (Not adding if you are above 20k luck).

Would stop the game being as brutal for new/early game players.
The game does have the 'you would of lost your items' up to about StaffSerg, this is an alternative to that and goes a bit further into the game.
Same with the Potions, up untill like MasterSerg you got a flask back when you drunk your potion.

The only other way for luck at the moment is:
Spider Heads (5-10~luck per Head)
AT Scrolls (5-20~luck per room)
RD Luck Scrolls (1-3k per scroll)
Prison Luck Scrolls (5-10k per scroll) [Only drops from Cafe?]

Only Spiders are available for people < Major
Spiders/AT are Major-LtGen'ish.
Clearing an AT Zone 100 Times for a save though sounds bit high.

I understand watching people walk on death traps is fun as Rhorun entertains me weekly with some sort of spike shenanigans but having the gold donations at a more reasonable level would be better:)
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Greater God
Greater God

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The Abandoned Town luck was a small bonus added to differentiate it from Pents.

I thought you were also able to get luck from Exploration Poles...

The Lord of Molten Rocks
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Second Leutenant
Second Leutenant

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Or just Never die...

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you can but only once each save costs half the luck you had which is very harsh.

twice ive been saved from walking on death spikes that i didnt see. hidden well in corhors as im colour blind somethings blend in too well!
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