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 Making useless armor/helmet pieces usefull! 

Joined: 27 Aug 2016
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This is a raw idea.. suggestions/ideas/critics are welcome!

There are so much useless helmets/armors in the game that it bothers me! Especially all that junk on the Temple floor. Who's gonna use a Godly tit armor of weasel wand?
I was thinking about how to make them a bit more useful.
What if you could disenchant these items and get soulstones back? Lets say a normal bronze armor piece of the bear would give you chance of soulstone level 1-3
Godly pieces might have higher level soulstones or you get 2 ss for a godly piece.
We can add the skill disenchant (which will probably be a pain to code) and let the modified stat decide if you can DE that piece. Lets say bronze needs 30 mod and tit around 170?
There will be a shrine in temple... if you 'give' the piece to the shrine... it will give you SS in return. Maybe even add a little EXP for every item you DE/give to shrine to make it more worthwile!... EXP based on the items you DE or on your rank (I think rank based xp will be better so it will be 'worthwhile' for an Earl to DE a godly bronze although he doesnt need the low level SS)

Normal bronze : level 1-3 SS (random)
Godly bronze : level 2-4 SS (or maybe 2 level 1-3 ss)
Normal steel : level 2-4 SS
Godly steel : level 3-5 SS (or 2 soulstones lvl 2-4)
Normal gold : level 3-5 SS
Godly gold : level 4-6 SS (or 2x 3-5?)
Normal emerald : level 4-6 SS
Godly emerald : level 5-7 SS(or 2x 4-6)
Normal crystal : level 5-7 SS
Godly crystal : level 6-9 SS (or 2x 5-7)
Normal titanium : level 6-9 SS
Godly titanium : level 7-10 SS (or 2x 6-9)

This will solve all the junk in the temple. And it will make ranking more fun! (easier to ss gear for lower levels)
It also gives people who like AT more then pents a better chance on getting soulstones.
You can choose to combine the soulstones to make them a higher level. Or you can just start soulstoning your cloth/leather/bronze gear with a level 3 soulstone!
And this will not make lower levels much stronger... just a little bit. Since you still gotta be lucky if you can actually use the pieces that you've had soulstoned.

Maybe even in a later stage.. make stuff like the FoH/rops/OE also disenchantable.. but then have chances on like lvl 15 soulstone in return. This way the tower will get a little more interesting even if you dont need anything!
Mana amulets... hp belts make em wortwhile! (lvl ss to be determinated!)

Ideas/suggestions/constructive critism is welcome!

Greetings from Holland!
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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

Joined: 01 Sep 2016
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Like the Idea, makes use of useless items and helps lowbies get more ss gear.

How bout something like it Disenchants into Dust which Stacks (Like Platinum!)
You can trade in the Dust to a Vendor for Soulstones (or something else? Rpots, Gpots etcc!).
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Major General
Major General

Joined: 17 Jul 2016
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I had an idea a while back to allow to "reforge" useless items into a random chance at a good item..

IE godly helm of light could be reforged into any other combination.

it would use professions.

the idea got shelved for a few reasons...

but yes this is a good idea
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Joined: 02 Sep 2016
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Definitely like the idea of making stuff useful. As far as the coding goes, it really wouldn't be that hard at all, could get it done in an afternoon. SS would be super easy to do, another cool thought would be if you could take the enchantment on the helm/armor piece and apply that exact enchantment to something else.

Say you get a godly tit helm of snakes dagger, disenchant it and you get a scroll of godly snakes dagger. That you could then apply to any helmet/armor to make a piece of that type.
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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

Joined: 18 May 2016
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Location: Canada
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I like these ideas. It would be nice to get something from a chest and not garbage it instantly cause its total trash. Even godlys. Either remove the useless ones or add some type of recycling system.
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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

Joined: 12 Sep 2016
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I like the rerolling idea. Maybe if u "put" 3 magical steel helmets and get 1 new rerolled steel helmet in return.
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Greater God
Greater God

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I did not respond to this nor do I recall even seeing it.



The Lord of Molten Rocks
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Joined: 01 Oct 2016
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Me neither, this idea reminds me of the terraria reforge you can do with the goblin tinkerer. It costs money to reforge based on how powerful the item is and you can keep reforging as long as you can pay for it.
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