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 Pentagram Quest Nerfed!! 

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What happend to the pentagram quest?
I read that their ranks and stats were modified in changelog...
28 May 2018
1. Npcs can now have their stat difficulties adjusted to make them appear higher ranked, this is mostly intended for pents and sewers where kill exp is relevent. We will slowly be updating their ranks to be as close to what they were before.

Maybe i read this wrong but by the sound of it it seems that you would encounter higher ranked icegargs/golems?
Cause this is certainly not the case. And i havent seen them get stronger either lately (rankwise)

UW pents dont go higher then Knight now... and Earl icepents changed into FDM ice pents!. Not a single knight/baron/earl to be found there anymore...
This is a significant drop in kill XP compared to how it was before.
With all the Rb's walking around... shouldnt pents become harder instead of easier? Make it more challenging ? Be able to get more xp instead of less?

I talked to Lazywarrior about this ingame but apparantly its too hard to change the ranks back and my penting style is too slow... i dont like blind/stun/run/dump on gc penting... i prefer a normal/slower pentingstyle cause it gives me less stress and hassle.. which before wasnt really a problem due to the good kill xp i got.
But atm AT is just better xp if your not a stun/run/blind penting kinda guy (After recent changes in AT .. the scrollmob in Gen/FDM spawns every 6 min... so getting 1mil/h is fairly doable in FDM... im not sure if it will be changed back the way it was before (increased spawntime on the scroll skelly)

As a baron myself i got 1099xp for Baron ranked mobs ... knights give 780xp .. Thats a whopping 320xp less per mob! So every 3 mobs you kill you get 1000 less XP!!!!
And in (earl) icepents this XP drop is waaaay higher since the highest ranked mobs in there are FDM now (got like 680 for a FDM as a baron.. i guess earls will give around 1300 ish?)

Was this an intended nerf or does every penter have to adjust his pentingstyle now (not even possible for all classes) just so they can get close to the same xp as they got before? Or are the ranks getting (slowly) changed back like they were?
Im confused.. and the changelog doesnt say much about this whole change either (only thing i found was the quote i put above here)

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Field Marshal
Field Marshal

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That changelog update was an attempt to fix it, and no it wasn't intentionally nerfed it was required so we could add the npc spawners which we needed at add as cgi was getting out of hand with how long it takes to change certain things(AT would never be touched again without that change)
Also i'm pretty sure top pents had FDM golems didn't it? it shouldn't anymore so the exp change is not nearly as much as it seems(probably less than 100exp/kill difference between everything combined)
As for ice pents.. just never adjusted as they're almost never done anyways and I never noticed their ranks changed.
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Greater God
Greater God

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The original reason for the change was that NPCs did not use the difficulty level in the template to determine the XP points required to raise a skill. It assumed the difficulty was always 2, regardless of what was in the template.
Secondly, NPCs that did not have the respawn flag set would not recalculate their XP, they just used whatever the builder manually entered.

We standardised all templates to default to a difficulty of 2 and for NPCs to recalculated their rank (total XP) when they were spawned based on the difficulty level in the template.
This means builders can change the XP and hence rank of an NPC via the template, instead of manually adjusting the values.
This is a better way to do it but it did change the pents and a few other places.
We fixed most if not all of them.
I thought we had fixed the pents as well but it was along time ago and the memory fades a bit.

The Lord of Molten Rocks
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